I’ve been tagged by Daniele Rossi and Bob Goyetche to share six random things about me with the world.  So, before anyone else tags me, I thought I’d get my post done.  Actually, I just returned tonight from a six-day camping trip in Niagara on the Lake (more on that to come).

Here are six random things about me:

1. My dream bass is a Spector NS-2.  I must have one — when I can afford one.

2. When I turned 21, I developed migraine headaches triggered by nuts.  I miss eating pistachios.

3. The last time I smoked a cigar was at The Funk Brothers concert at Bluesfest 2004.

4. I keep procrastinating writing music for my CD.

5. I’m taking a night class this fall.

6. I want Ira Glass to speak at PAB2009.

My tag-victims are Maurizio Ortolani, Jeff Parks, Saul Colt, Stevie Z, John Meadows and Bill Deys.

Random rules (hat tip to ):
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