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This page features summaries of a number of talks I deliver, along with the intended audiences for the talks. I’ve also included a few testimonials from clients and audience members. To learn more about my talks, or to arrange a booking, please complete the form.

TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization

For better or worse, digital technology has fundamentally changed how organizations hire staff, market their services, and connect with stakeholders. The problem is, in an effort to use technology to connect with people more effectively, we have actually lost our humanity — that critical person-to-person connection — which is the engine of commerce and advocacy. This engaging session draws on stories and case studies from the book of the same name, which was co-authored by Mark and Tod Maffin, as well as new stories and examples as the digital era continues to evolve. TOUCH provides leaders of all types of organizations, from private to public sector, community to enterprise business with with real-world, proven solutions.

AUDIENCES: Those who who wish to have a greater digital impact both inside and outside their organization — leaders, customer service and human resource professionals, communicators, legal teams, small to enterprise businesses, non-profits, political and advocacy groups.

I want to congratulate you on your presentation, which was, in my opinion, the best part of this all-staff meeting. My colleagues and I found you funny and entertaining, and the material you presented was interesting in itself.

A. Serre

Government of Canada

Mark is a natural speaker that lights up the room when he speaks. His presentation had the right combination of knowledge, imagination and entertainment.

A. Vargas

Ipsos Reid

Matters of Opinion: Changing Media and Changing Minds

Motivating individuals to change their opinions and attitudes is very different from impacting their consumer purchase decisions. Traditional ways of becoming part of the considered opinion have evolved at a furious pace since the advent of social media. Matters of Opinion is based on a research report of the same name, co-produced by Mark’s company, Full Duplex and Abacus Data. This session explores Canadian demographics, online habits, trends and the evolving media cycle. In addition to strong data-visuals, Mark shares real-world stories and examples of successful and not-so-successful attempts to shape public opinion online.

AUDIENCES: leaders, organizations, companies and associations who engage in information and advocacy campaigns and/or face criticism.

Peace, Order and Googleable Government

Lawn signs have been replaced by avatars, rallies have been replaced by Twitter storms and politicians are making online connections with constituents, issue stakeholders and the media. The face of democratic engagement and political action has changed significantly. Peace, Order and Googleable Government showcases how politicians are using the online tools to reach the public and how the public are using online tools to influence public policy.

AUDIENCES: politicians, political action and issues groups, industry associations and government departments and agencies.

A truly eye opening speech; thought provoking. I will definitely look at marketing in a new light.

D. Picard

City of Ottawa

Mark was fantastic, I would have liked to hear more from him. Very relevant.

Public Affairs Officer

Government of Alberta

Breaking Down the Silos: How digital is changing communications and public affairs

The rise of social media, the compressed news cycle and digital culture are all changing the face of communications. Perhaps the biggest change is the decreasing distance between those with an idea and those who can help achieve it. Breaking Down the Silos highlights very specific examples of how individuals and organizations have short-circuited change by capitalizing on their direct access to the connected world.

AUDIENCES: leaders, communicators and creative teams looking to effect change.

Social Media Saved My Life

After five years of publishing ambitious content, building online communities and organizing conferences, Mark’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than resign themselves to an uncertain fate, or accept a new and private life, Mark and Andrea turned to their online communities and found that a new one emerged — a supportive and helpful community with members in their own city and around the world.

AUDIENCES: leaders, medical professionals, health care and social workers, occupational therapists, patients, family and friends of patients.

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