What follows is the analysis of Idle No More online activity for April 28 through May 4, inclusive. Analysis was performed using Marketwired/Sysomos Heartbeat.

Tweets Sources Average
Apr 28 1,123 523 2.1
Apr 29 1,120 566 2.0
Apr 30 1,159 611 1.9
May 1 1,190 576 2.0
May 2 1,019 471 2.1
May 3 1,027 493 2.1
May 4 1,045 580 1.8

Posting a rise in activity:

  • YouTube mentions up 26% (from 34 to 43)
  • Blog mentions up 15% (from 105 to 121)
  • Forum mentions, including Reddit, up 11% (from 52 to 58)

Posing a fall in activity:

  • Facebook mentions down 100% (from 7 to 0)
  • News mentions down 15% (from 116 to 98)
  • Twitter mentions down 5% (from 8,085 to 7,683)

It’s worth noting Facebook changed its search functions recently which may be contributing to apparent declining activity on that service.

The 7,683 tweets issued this past week came from 2,624 unique Twitter accounts; an average of 2.9 tweets per account. The number of participants dropped 1% from last week’s analysis.

In all, online mentions were down 5% from the previous week.


The three Twitter accounts which issued the most tweets tagged #IdleNoMore, #NativeWinter or including the text “Idle No More” were @teamrevoltnow (1,106, down slightly from 1,186 tweets last week), @idlenomoreyeg (142, down from 148) and @joanie399 (133). They combine for 1,381 tweets or 18% of relevant tweets for the week (down 1% over the previous week). To contextualize their contributions, @teamrevoltnow issued the equivalent of 158 tweets on average for each day last week, @idlenomoreyeg 21 and @joanie399 19.

Canada accounted for 62% of all relevant traffic (same as last week), the United States accounts for 29% of all traffic (down 1% from last week) and the UK contributed 2%.

Men contributed slightly more than women this past week which tipped the scales 4% to the male side of the gender split.


The nature of the Idle No More online chatter remained generally consistent this past week. Themes including oil (pipeline, keystone) are represented, as are recurring terms such as protest, decolonizing and solidatirty. Other active discussions included suicide and racial profiling, and IdleNoMore spokewoman Pam Palmater became more present raising the profile of the Auditor General’s report (cpc, harper, billion) and for calling out the National Post’s John Ivison.

The following buzzgraph illustrates the connection between key terms in the most active conversations. The stronger the connection between the words, the thicker and bolder the connection line. There are three levels of connection illustrated by a thick solid line (strong), a thin solid line (medium) and a thin broken line (light). The Buzzgraph that follows shows only two degrees of connection during the election campaign — strong and light.


Last week’s top tweet was issued by Anonymous, raising awareness of #IdleNoMore relevant activities in Ecuador. It has been retweeted 126 time and 36 people indicated it as a favourite.


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