If the online component tells us anything, it’s not looking good for the strength of the Idle No More movement. The volume of activity continues its freefall (save the January 28 day of action) and number of participants continues to get smaller. Yesterday’s 4,445 tweets represented the first time since December 15 that there were fewer than 5,000 Idle No More tweets in a day (4,375 for the record).

So, let’s baseline activity for the last seven days. All analysis was performed using Marketwire/Sysomos Heartbeat.

Tweets Sources Average
Jan 27 9,002 3,472 2.6
Jan 28 20,147 6,827 3.0
Jan 29 8,008 3,587 2.2
Jan 30 7,537 3,331 2.3
Jan 31 5,492 2,814 2.0
Feb 1 5,900 2,522 2.3
Feb 2 4,445 2,026 2.2

There was a 15% drop in all online mentions from last week (from 85,762 last week to 72,367 this). Twitter mentions dropped 19% (from 72,977 to 60,531), blogs fell 3% (from 903 to 880), online news articles dropped 30% (from 1,611 to 1,122). Mentions in online forums including Reddit fell the most; 59% (from 1,290 to 531). Two platforms posted gains. Facebook was up 3% (from 8,641 to 8,897) and the number of new YouTube videos increased 19% (from 340 to 406).

The 60,531 tweets were issued by 15,667 unique Twitter accounts.


There was residual online chatter about Chief Spence. Surprisingly, the January 28 Day of Action didn’t include much about Chief Spence. Most of the relevant activity took place at the end of the week. In all, online1 mentions of the chief fell 66% (from 4,981 last week to 1,697 this).


Gender splits remained constant from last week. Idle No More chatter is essentially gender-neutral, with 53% of the traffic being generated by men, 47% by women.


Canada dominates online mentions of Idle No More (70%) followed by the USA (22%), UK (2%) and Australia (1%). Within Canada, Ontario led (29%) followed by BC (14%), Alberta (12%) and Québec (6%).

Margaret Atwood issued the most popular tweet of the week. Her tweet linking to Bruce Erickson’s opinion piece in the Toronto Star retweeted 276 times and was flagged as a favourite by 69 people.


A poll hosted by IdleNoMore.ca comes to a close tonight. I’m not sure the question and answers are aligned nor the duration of the poll offers any meaningful insight. In my view, the results amplify the perception the movement isn’t organized and participants don’t share a common vision. As of 12pm today (February 3) there were 4,061 votes (up 23% on 747 votes from last week’s total of 3,314). The responses break out as follows:

  • 53% say “Yes, we are stronger than ever!”
  • 33% say “No, there are divisions and the media is playing it just right.”
  • 14% say “I’m not sure.”


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