What follows is the analysis of Idle No More online activity for March 3 through 9, inclusive. Analysis was performed using Marketwire/Sysomos Heartbeat and a tool being developed for Full Duplex, currently referred to as Compass.

Tweets Sources Average
Mar 3 2,153 1,009 2.1
Mar 4 2,433 1,096 2.2
Mar 5 1,942 995 2.0
Mar 6 2,046 1,164 1.8
Mar 7 2,026 1,121 1.8
Mar 8 2,018 1,163 1.7
Mar 9 2,073 1,114 1.9

There was an overall drop of 8% in all online mentions from last week’s analysis (from 19,391 last week to 17,747 this).

Posting a rise in activity:

  • Blog mentions up 13% (from 236 to 267)
  • Facebook mentions up 6% (from 2,249 to 2,389)
  • YouTube mentions up 5% (88 last week, 90 this)

Posing a fall in activity:

  • News mentions down 42% (from 341 to 201)
  • Forum mentions, including Reddit, down 15% (from 128 to 109)
  • Twitter mentions down 10% (from 16,349 to 14,691)

The 14,691 tweets issued this past week came from 5,275 unique Twitter accounts; an average of 2.8 tweets per account. The trend of decreasing overall participation continues (down 10% from last week).


The three Twitter accounts which issued the most tweets tagged #IdleNoMore, #NativeWinter or including the text “Idle No More” were @idlenomoreyeg (542, down from 707 tweets last week), @databrokers (170) and @froodywisco  (167). They combine for 879 tweets or 6% of relevant tweets for the week. That’s down 1% for the top three tweeters from the week previous.

Female representation among the volume of contributions increased 2% over last week, bringing the gender splits closer to a 50/50 split, again.


Among the themes discussed were blockades including the Red Lake Nation protest of the Enbridge Pipeline, and Operation Thunderbird which is a project to map the number and location of violent incidents (e.g. physical abuse, sexual assault, murder) against Indigenous women in Canada — the latter also tied to International Women’s Day (IWD). There was discussion about a hunger strike by two members of the First Nation community in Millbrook, Nova Scotia, and a conversation with Leanne Simpson and Naomi Klein on extractivism.

The following buzzgraph illustrates the connection between key terms in the most active conversations. The stronger the connection between the words, the thicker and bolder the connection line. There are three levels of connection illustrated by a thick solid line (strong), a thin solid line (medium) and a thin broken line (light). The Buzzgraph that follows shows only two degrees of connection during the election campaign — strong and light.


The most popular tweet of the week was issued March 4 by @derrickokeefe. The tweet took aim at Tom Flanagan. It was retweeted 91 times and 17 people indicated it as a favourite.


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