Sean McGaughey has tagged me with a meme he’s kicked off this evening: The un-official Podcasters Across Borders Meme. Here are my responses.

Why are you coming to PAB?
The easy answer is that I co-organized the event. The easier answer is that it’s going to be the best time anyone can have Podcasting and new-media.

A little homework now: Which PAB registrants would you like to meet? Why?
Basically, everyone who I haven’t yet met. I guess the standouts are the people that I’ve been in contact with for a while and have never met. People like Daryl Cognito, Ajay and Ted Riecken.

Who is your ‘dream interview’ for your podcast? Why?
Haha. I have been a committed Police fan since I was 11. I would love to complete my holy grail series of interviews with members of The Police camp. Missing are Danny Quatrochi, Jeff Seitz, Andy Summers and Sting (I’ve already interviewed all three Copeland brothers).

Who would you like to interview at podcamp Podcasters Across Borders?
I have no plans to interview anyone at PAB.

What is your, ‘Can’t miss it’ session at podcamp Podcasters Across Borders?
Well, I can’t miss the audio production workshop since I’m co-presenting with Bob. I don’t know if I can pick just one. If you’re going to force the issue, I’ll pick the Creative Commons presentation since the Canadian Podcasting Legal Guide will be released during that session.

What is your favorite podcast?
My current favourites are Inside Home Recording and Todbits. There must be something in the water out west.

What is your favorite web resource?

Who is your favorite podsafe musician? (eg. Sean McGaughey).
Robert Farrell.

Ginger or Maryanne?
Whoever registers for PAB first.

Bob, Mark, or Tod?
Bob — Tod’s not an organizer.

TAG… YOU’RE IT… Ajay, Daryl Cognito, Ted Riecken, Julien Smith, Whitney Hoffman.

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