Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak has taken a commanding lead in the number of tweets which feature his name — something we analysts call “Share of Voice”.

In the last 24 hours, Mr. Hudak has been the subject of over 1,500 tweets. Unfortunately for Mr. Hudak, a healthy majority are not kind to him. He’s been on the receiving end of criticism for a number of gaffes including:

  • going “too far” with his Ontario Need Not Apply ad
  • offending Canadian citizens in Ontario by referring to them as “foreigners”
  • using a song by Canadian band New Pornographers as his campaign theme without first clearing it with the band (a Facebook vote to pick a new campaign theme is underway — see attached image)

In fact 446 tweets, nearly one-third of Mr. Hudak’s share of voice in the last 24 hours have been about the song issue. That’s nearly as many tweets as have been about Dalton McGuinty in the same period. By contrast, though, tweets about Mr. McGuinty are mostly about a Samsung exec meeting with him this morning and his new 11-point lead. Most of the critical tweets about Mr. McGuinty are reminders about broken promises from his two terms as Premier.

The following graph generated using Sysomos Heartbeat shows Twitter traffic, trends and share of voice for each of the four major Ontario party leaders. I’m using Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat to monitor and analyze online activity in this autumn’s Canadian provincial and territorial elections. [UPDATE: note that the graph dips sharply on the far right because it was created around 8am today, and I accidentally included today’s date. Sorry if that caused any confusion or doubt.]

I wonder what the online monitoring strategy is for the parties and their leaders.

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