After upgrading to the iPhone 5, I discovered my much relied-upon Personal Hotspot feature was missing from my iPhone settings. This effectively means that when I’m in a coffee shop (or anywhere for that matter) where WiFi (or good WiFi) is not available, I’m not able to get on the Internet.

Yes, if you weren’t aware, there is a way to make your iPhone a WiFi hotspot for yourself, allowing you to connect your iPad, compter or other device to the Internet through your iPhone. You’ll need a capable plan, of course. For Rogers customers (like me) this means having the 6Gb/month data plan.

So, if you upgraded to a new iPhone, have the appropriate plan and don’t see Personal Hotpsot in your list of options in the main Settings window, you need to do the following.

  1. Go to Settings | General | Cellular
  2. Wait for the dial at Personal Hotspot option to stop spinning
  3. Go to Personal Hotspot
  4. Turn on Personal Hotspot
  5. Set your desired password if you don’t like the randomly-generated password
  6. Back out to Cellular | General | Settings
  7. Go to Personal Hotspot (4th option from the top) and ensure it’s turned on
  8. Connect any desired devices to your Personal Hotspot using the set password

Remember to turn off Personal Hotspot from the main Settings window when you’re done. Leaving it on can drain your battery particularly if your other devices are still trying to pull down data.

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