Earlier today I wrote about building online credibility (see REALationship). Among my key points is Twitter followers and Facebook likes are completely misguided measures of online effectiveness. They lack substance and show nothing more than the click of a button.

Over lunch I watched the C-SPAN video of The Role of Digital and Social Media in Campaigns, a panel held as part of the Republic National Convention. During the panel, Zac Moffatt, Mitt Romney’s Director Digital, shared a similar view to my own. Though, he framed it better. He referred to follows and likes as vanity metrics. He then expanded on engagement as a more meaningful measure of impact, citing stats which suggest the Romney campaign is enjoying a better rate of engagement than that of Obama’s.

I’d embed the video for viewing here. Unfortunately, C-SPAN doesn’t allow this particular video or clips made from it to be embedded.

You can watch the specific remarks by Zac Moffatt in a clip I created on C-SPAN. The entire panel is also available to watch on the C-SPAN site.

On a related note, I was able to embed a clip on the increasing relevance of the second screen and measuring natural conversation from a similar panel which took place during the Democratic National Convention.

Featured photo: Bathroom Mirror uploaded to flickr by gr33ndata.

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