I recently received an email inviting me to add my Podcast to Voice Indigo, a service that delivers Podcasts to cell phones.  Their website boasts that there are 1.7 billion mobile phone users, “the largest potential media audience in history”.

It’s easy to set yourself up with the service.  Create an account, submit the RSS link, then incorporate the button-generating code in your website.

As with all online services, there are terms and conditions to consider.  Number 4 requires that the button have an empty boundary of 10 pixels.  The standout is:

5) […] You may not use the Button on a site that violates any law or regulation.

So, if your website or Podcast includes any unlicensed content including music, movies and books, this is not the service for you – notwithstanding the fact that you are putting yourself at legal risk anyway!

One thing I did notice as being a bit sloppy on Voice Inidgo’s part is their user registration page, which asks for a password, is not SSL-encrypted.  Enter at your own risk!