Since publishing Do Canadian MPs fake their online relationships? earlier this morning, I’ve had the opportunity to run all MP Twitter handles through the StatusPeople’s Fakers Tool.

Before I share the results, let me remind you evaluating MP Twitter accounts against the Fakers tool is meant as a fun exercise. There’s no way to prove the merit of this tool at this time and the sample size of 500 may result in skewed results when applied to accounts with large followings.

For the purpose of this post, I’ve focused on MP Twitter accounts which are public, have 300 or more followers and have at least one published tweet. Yes. Some MPs have protected their Twitter accounts and others have accounts with incomplete profiles and no tweets. Noteworthy in this category is Maxime Bernier who has 2,966 followers and has yet to tweet.

I evaluated 223 qualified Twitter accounts. Most (190 accounts) had anywhere between 3% and 6% fake followers with 5% fake followers being most typical. That means, for the purpose of this exercise there’s a certain amount of noise we can ignore.

Then there are outliers; the accounts with an unusually low or high fake follower rates. HeleneLeBlanc and kennedystewart have the smallest percentage of fake followers (1%). The following top-5 highlights the MPs with the highest fake follower rates:

  1. DenisCoderre 44%
  2. JustinPJTrudeau 24%
  3. PMHarper 24%
  4. RobertAubinNPD 16%
  5. ThomasMulcair 14%

At 7%, rodbruinooge has the lowest percentage of inactive followers. Leading the pack with highest percentage of inactive follower accounts are:

  1. PMHarper 44%
  2. JustinPJTrudeau 40%
  3. ThomasMulcair 37%
  4. DenisCoderre 36%
  5. BobRaeMP 35%

It’s likely that inactive accounts represents accounts that were active at one time.

So, which MPs have the smallest percentage of ‘good’ followers? This bracketed number represents what the report suggests is the number of actual, quality followers of the account.

  1. DenisCoderre 20% (14,036 of 70,184)
  2. PMHarper 32% (77,317 of 241,617)
  3. JustinPJTtrudeau 36% (52,266 of 145,185)
  4. ThomasMulcair 49% (9,433 of 19,251)
  5. BobRaeMP 52% (15,370 of 29,558)

Which brings us to the final envelope. Ladies and gentlemen, the top-5 MPs with the greatest percentage of ‘good’ Twitter followers…

  1. RodBruinooge 90%
  2. HeleneLeBlanc 85%
  3. KennedyStewart 85%
  4. SeanCaseyMP 85%
  5. JinnySims 84%

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