It’s November 4 , 2014. Today, American voters, or, a very small portion of them, will go to the polls to cast their ballot as part of the mid-term election. Voters in District 160, PA will have the option of voting for Democratic candidate Whitney Hoffman.

I met Whitney through the emerging podcast community way back in 2006. When she was recruited by the Dems for her community and education advocacy work in March, Whitney became the third of my podcast friends to become a political candidate. That decision alone is worthy of praise and respect.

I’ve published several podcast interviews with Whitney documenting the process she went through to become the Democratic candidate (part 1, part 2). Some have been published, others not either because the information was too detailed or I never finished the edit. More will come.

On this edition of digital public affairs, excerpts from a conversation with Whitney Hoffman on the final push to election day.

Where you can find Whitney online: